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How to Be The Perfect Prom Date

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If you are a normal lad, passionate about footie, having a laugh and doing all those things that young men do, you might quail at the thought of your first formal dance or prom. A prom is an excellent way for you to show off a side of you that your friends, and even your family, might not suspect – the well-scrubbed, mannerly side! The following tips can help you make the best impression on your date and help you to make a fantastic memory. Be prepared to arrange the transport to and from the dance. If you club together with a couple of other friends you could even hire a limousine to pick you all up and carry you in style, both to the dance and home again, and perhaps even to an after-party in between. Few things will impress your date – and her parents – more than a young man who has taken care of the logistics of the evening. Make sure to invite some of HER friends and their dates along in the limousine too, so that she does not feel awkward being with people she may not know very well. Brush up on old fashioned etiquette and manners. Start practising some days or even weeks before the event, so that you can be polished and at ease when holding her chair for her to sit and opening doors for her.

Dress To Impress; Co-ordinate To Perfection

Find out what flowers are her favourite and also make sure you know what colour her dress is. This means that you can accessorise to match her dress, and you can arrive to collect her with a bouquet of her favourite flowers in hand – a good way to set the tone for the evening! While at the dance be attentive to your date. Too often boys get embarrassed about being with a girl and vanish into a crowd of lads, leaving the poor young lady feeling abandoned and alone. Stay with her and make sure she has a drink when she needs one. Be sure to take to the dance floor several times throughout the event – it is a dance after all! Dress appropriately for the occasion. You do not have to go to the expense of buying a tuxedo or formal suit, especially if you are still growing (some men have a final growth spurt even into their twenties!)You can hire a suit or tuxedo, in your exact size for that polished look from us, at Fogarty Formal Hire. Allow enough time for us to tailor the suit to your body, so you look your absolute best for this important occasion that marks the threshold between childhood and becoming a man. Call us today to let us know your prom needs! Finally, enjoy the occasion. Put everything else out of your head, and devote yourself to making sure that you and your date have a night to remember fondly for years to come!