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2014 Prom Season Suit Styles

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Occasions don’t get much bigger than your prom because this is meant to be your official entry into the world of socialising as an adult. This is also likely to be a hugely significant event for your date, and lots of relationships have been ruined because the guy didn’t put enough effort into the big night! One of the most important factors when getting ready for this occasion is to choose the right clothing, so here are the school/university prom season styles for 2014;

Top Hat and Tails

It’s hard to imagine how any man who is wearing a top hat and tails would fail to look sophisticated as there is something so confident and elegant about this style. If you want to be sure of creating the right impression at your prom, you can’t really go wrong with this option. At Fogarty Formal Hire, we are able to provide you with this type of evening wear, and we’ll help you choose something that really complements your physical attributes.


When you hear the word ‘tuxedo’, it’s not uncommon to imagine James Bond standing beside a roulette table in a casino. This has to be the manliest image of all time, and part of the magic is his choice of clothing. Tuxedos are available in different colours, with the most popular being black and white whilst there are also accessories like a sash and cummerbund to complement the appearance. You also need to complete the look with a snazzy bow tie, so if you want to give the impression that you are style-conscious yet still a manly-man, you are definitely going to want to consider hiring a tuxedo.

Lounge Suits

A lounge suit is slightly less formal than ‘tops and tails’ or a tuxedo. One of the nice things about a lounge suit is it is so versatile – you can use it for any type of formal occasion. A lounge suit can be described as smart without the formal approach of alternative styles. If you are going to wear a lounge suit to your prom, it is usually best to put on a dark colour tie or preferably a bow tie. It can be a bit harder to stand out from the crowd if all the other men are wearing a tuxedo, but you certainly won’t look out of place in this modern and stylish suit. The team here at Fogarty Formal Hire appreciate the importance of this occasion, and we are going to help you choose from the most attractive prom styles. We have been hiring out suits for proms for over thirty years, so contact us now so we can get you ready for the big night.